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Hello all. I come bringing more pictures of my most up-to-date characters as the ones I showed over a year or so ago died a horrible death (deletion).

As mentioned before, I am a huge Slash/Yaoi fan but I have a few females this time.

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I love my new graphics card soo much!

Just some spam to share - x posted at my journal and here. :] There are four pictures under the cut, and they aren't too large (they vary from 550 x 420-21-22). (:

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Hope y'all enjoy!

Theme 1: Self Sim Sprogs

Help JL Verde match her spawn to their fathers.

It's a Self Sim "Who's My Daddy?" Quiz.

(click the pic)

Self sim sprog challenge!


As luck would have it for this Challenge, in my Castaway Island game my selfsim is married to and happily breeding with Pascal Curious, and they have six children.

Follow the fake cut for more picspam!
So I was bored playing the sims a few days ago, and I happened to have two sims whining about their social motive at the same time... and an idea struck me. I wanted to witness the infamous SOCIAL BUNNY INTERACTIONS.

oh the lols I had // 5 small JPGsCollapse )

Theme #1 - Self-Sim Sprogs

Your challenge fellow simmers, should you choose to accept it is to produce for us some pic spam of the offspring of your self sim. Mate your self sim with whomever you like, one sim or multiple sims! We just want to see what your sim's offspring will look like!

Make your posts using the tags on this entry, the next theme will be posted on or around July 16th, but because they are themes not challenges there is no closing date for when you can post spam from this theme :D.

Re: Themes/Challenges

We thought you would all like to know that the very first picspam theme/challenge is going to start on July 1st.

tinykat and I agreed that since we want to have two such themes/challenges for you guys every month, that starting on the first would be better than starting now. Just a little hint for those of you wanting to do it, I hope you all have your self sims handy XD.

And just a reminder we ARE a sims 3 AND sims 1 friendly community it's not just sims 2 picspam! (I've fixed the header but I can't figure out where in the world to put the image url! Any help there would be MUCH appreciated!)


One last video for you all for the sims 3 promo.


The YouTube Sims 3 Contest

In order to enter, you make a video showing off your Sim's dream life to win prizes. Check out the link below for more info!


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